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February 1, 2018
GlycoBiomarker Leading Innovation Co. Ltd.

GL-i and PSS start joint research aiming automation of multiple assay for glycobiomarker measurement

GL-i and Precision System Science Co., Ltd. (“PSS”, HQ: Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture; President: Hideji Tajima) concluded the joint research agreement for development of automated system of glycobiomarker measurement.

GL-i and PSS have been cooperating focusing on automation of glycobiomarker measurement, and recently agreed on a joint research agreement to pursue the below themes. Integration of the GL-i’s technology* (glycan** analysis and selection/enrichment of biomarkers) and the PSS’s unique automation technology would accelerate development and commercialization of a clinical test device and optimized diagnostic agents.

Joint research themes

1. Development of precise assay technology: Develop a system for precise assay of a slight amount of glycobiomarkers contained in biological samples.
2. Development of enrichment method of viruses: Establish an enrichment method of viruses using magnetic beads immobilized with glycobiomarker probe and develop its automated system.

About PSS

Head Office Location: 88 Kamihongou, Matsudo-city, Chiba, 271-0064 Japan
President: Hideji Tajima

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* GL-i’s technology
  The technologies developed by GL-i, a technology transfer venture company of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), using the transferred glycobiomarker analysis technology aiming actualization of diagnostic agents.
** Glycan
  Glycans are compounds consisting of chains of monosaccharides linked on surfaces of cells, proteins, and lipids. Structures of glycans vary and reflect the changes of cells in body tissue (eg., degree of differentiation, disease or canceration); therefore, glycans are referred to as "face of cells" or "cloths of cells". The differences of glycan structures are expected to be utilized as biomarkers in development of diagnostic agents.

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