Our Proposal

About GL-i

Recently, high quality clinical tests and diagnostic technologies are demanded so that to be applicable in personalized medicine, early detection of disease, appropriate selection of therapeutic strategy, and evaluation of prognostic implications.
GL-i promotes practical application of research outcomes related to glycoprotein analysis or glycoproteomics technology developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). More specifically, we develop novel clinical diagnostic technologies useful for early diagnosis and prognosis prediction based on the characteristics of glycans that reflect the disease status. In the future, we expect that our technology will be applied in development of preemptive medicine.

Advantages of our technology

  1. Identification of glycobiomarkers that change the constituents reflecting the disease status
  2. Quantification of disease status based on the increase/decrease of glycans on specific proteins.
  3. High reliability and reproducibility

Our proud and unique technology can systemically realize the above 1 to 3 without serendipity. The required technologies for R&D were achieved by more than 10 years of AIST’s research activity and are schematized. The platform will fully support fluent R&D of drugs and diagnostics for each target disease.

For more detail, please check Technology and Achievements page.

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